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What to do with your Audible credits…

January 25, 2017

One day, when I was on Amazon, I discovered I had been paying for Audible for a few months and had some credits in my bank. Amazon’s customer service is great and I know they would have refunded me being I had not made any purchases. However, after looking at the audiobooks they offered, I used up all of the credits and began my newest audiobook addiction…

Being we live in the country, I do a lot of driving each day. I have noticed that when I am listening to an audiobook, I don’t glance down at my phone while driving. That in itself is a great reason for me to get a few books!

Audible and iTunes have given audiobooks a modern twist and I have downloaded books from each site. Overall, I prefer using Audible because I can purchase books at a lower price due to my subscription. I found both apps to be fairly user-friendly.

Here are my five most recent audiobook purchases, links, and thoughts on each:

1. The Girl On The Train

I found it difficult to multitask (wash dishes, fold clothes) while listening to this book. In fact, I had to “google” the characters so I didn’t fall behind when I missed a part.


2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up

Nopety. Noper Nope. Nope. Nope. Organizing is one of my hobbies but this book was just crazy. The author suggested that you thank your items before discarding them. Example: “Oh dearest wool socks, thank you for the hard work you have done keeping my feet warm over the years. It is now time for you to go.” I actually had this book playing when my husband was in the car and he thought I had lost my mind.


3. The Magnolia Story 

I LOVED this audio book! The authors, Chip and Joanna Gaines, actually narrated it themselves and it felt like we were just hanging out in Waco, Texas together. The short stories made it easy to follow and if I missed a part, I didn’t have to rewind to try to find my spot because I was able to move on. I should also note that I am a fan of Chip and Joanna so that made it even more enjoyable.


4. Two by Two

It was strange to LISTEN to this story. When a female character was speaking, the male narrator would change his voice to sound like the women, and it just sounded funky. The storyline was one of a typical Nicholas Sparks book.


5. The Chemist

This book was AMAZING! Jared actually selected it and I didn’t know a thing about it until I began listening. It was the first “thriller” that I had listened to and now I am hooked on that variety. Being it was a thriller, it was obviously suspenseful and I really enjoyed that!


Summary- Out of all of the audio books listed above, I would only recommended The Chemist and The Magnolia  Story.

Do you have any audiobooks I should try?