Travel: Puerto Galera, Philippines

March 6, 2017

A few years ago, my friend Annie asked me to travel to the Philippines with her to visit her dad. While visiting her dad’s resorts, we became certified scuba divers, ate pounds of curry, paid pennies for massages, and soaked up as much sun as possible.

Ever-so-thoughtful Annie was kind enough to send us a package of treats after her last trip to the Philippines. Instead of just eating the treats, I thought it was necessary to turn the gifts into an educational experience. I bribed the boys and therefore, everyone eagerly participated in my Filipino education course in the comfort of our kitchen.

Together we…

1. Painted Filipino Flags

2. Made Jude taste-test the candy

3. Flew airplanes to the Philippines

4.  AND I was able to show the boys my favorite photos from my trip with Annie.

If you ever want to venture to the Philippines, I have a few tips for you:

1. Pack an extra pair of underwear… or three.
Thank goodness Annie is a seasoned traveler and made sure to pack extra underwear in her carry-on bag. She was able to borrow me a pair of underoos after we went for a run during my 6-hour Seattle layover. She also borrowed me another pair after our flight was cancelled and we were stuck in Japan for a night. (Everyone needs an Annie in their life.)

(toilets in Japan)

2. Stay with Annie’s dad.
I always find comfort in going places were I know I can find Americans. Annie’s dad, David, was a great host and gave us the royal treatment when we were visiting. His resorts, Scandi Divers + Campbells Beach Resort both serve Starbucks Coffee and have the fastest wifi on the island!
3. Stay for as long as possible without getting fired from your job.
Between massages, scuba diving, kayaking, sunbathing, and shopping, we were always on the go! If I could do it all again, I would stay for an entire month!

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