Custom Valentines

January 27, 2017

As a crafty child, I always looked forward to celebrating on the fourteenth day of February each year. I loved making homemade valentines and an extravagant box. I remember sketching out my plan, forcing my mom to take me to the craft store, and getting help from anyone and everything to make the “coolest” box I could! On Valentine’s Day, I always had to get a ride to school with one of my parents because I couldn’t trust the bus driver to ensure my box made it to school safely. Each year, this was MY DAY to shine!

My obsession for Valentine’s Day growing up is now comical because we don’t do much to celebrate in our house. Jared and I forgo crowded restaurants and make our own food. We also don’t exchange gifts for ANY HOLIDAY…never… ever… no exceptions. (This allows us to save money so we can travel.)

I understand that not every parent has the time or money to spend on homemade custom valentines. That is why I have created 12 options for you to choose from! If your child has 24 kids in his or her class, your total cost is $10.

I have posted some of my favorites below but head over to 

to see the rest!


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