Rainbow Explosion or Timeless Toys? – A gift guide.

November 15, 2016


Thanks to Jude’s toys, our house looks like a rainbow blew up inside of it.

I was just reading the article, 15 Benefits of Wooden Educational Toys for Home Education, and really loved the first five points the author makes:

 1. Wooden Toys are Timeless

2. Wooden Toys are Durable

3. Wooden Toys Grow with Your Child

4. Wooden Toys Encourage Imagination

5. Wooden Toys Incorporate Real-Life Skills

Although I don’t plan on getting rid of his items simply for aesthetic purposes, I have been trying to keep my eyes out for basic wooden pieces. If you are like me and do majority of your Christmas shopping online, then I have a few ideas for you! Some items on my gift guide below DO have color. I think finding a balance between a rainbow explosion and a sterile toy room is important.


(Top to bottom + left to right)
1. Blue/Black/White Blocks.

2. Car Carrier

3. Camera 

4. Tool Box

5. Lawn Mower

6. Teething Ring (Dakota Grey! Yay!)

7. Wooden Legos

8. Wooden Rainbow Cubes

9. Tractor

10. Balance Bike

11. Wooden Teether (Dakota Grey! Yay!)

12. Hexagon Stacks 

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